Otis Technology is a trusted source for weapons maintenance kits & accessories and has invested heavily to design and develop top quality, innovative products for our men and women on the front lines. With our machinery, technology and know-how, Otis Technology can support other manufacturers and business partners with a vast portfolio of services. Please contact our Military Sales Team for more information on how we can assist you in your next project. 

  • Metal Working Equipment
  • Sewing Capabilities
  • Brush Manufacturing
  • Blister Packaging
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Full Manual Machine Shop
  • 5 Axis CNC Mill
  • Mill / Turn CNC Machining Center
  • Water-Jet
  • Welding (TIG, MIG and Oxyacetylene)
  • Importation of different files for rapid prototypes
  • Injection Molding Machines
  • Injection Blow Molding Machines
  • Metal Injection Molding De-bind and Sinter Furnaces
  • Automatic Fill Line available for different solvents
  • QA Lab
  • Engineering services available

Our military sales team can be reached at:
Otis Technology
6987 Laura St.
Lyons Falls, NY 13368
1-800-OTISGUN (684-7486)

Corporate Snapshot:
DUNS: 173594003
NAICS: 332721, 332994
GSA: 47QSWA22D0060